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Tehran-Taipei Exhibition in Hsing Wu University | Taipei 2015

“From Tehran to Taipei” is the title of a collaborative exhibition of 10 contemporary graphic designers from Iran and Taiwan which was held in Taiwan. The designers were invited by the Design Department of Hsing Wu University and were selected by Brad Tzou (from Taiwan) and Parisa Tashakori (from Iran). The exhibition continued for one month in the university’s gallery.

In the exhibition’s opening, on October 19, 2015, the university president and some other professors gave speeches. The invited designers in alphabetic order were: Civi Cheng, Mehdi Fatehi, Amirhossein Ghoochibeik, Majid Kashani, Leo Lin, Wu Jen Ping, Mehdi Saeedi, Sophia Shih, Parisa Tashakori, and Brad Tzou.


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