Graphic Designer & Art Director

Born in 1973, Tehran, Iran

Honorary Doctorate from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

BA & MFA in Graphic Design from Azad University of Tehran

Member of the Iranian Graphic Designers Society

(Member of the Board  from 2012 to 2015)

Member of Boulder Art Association (BAA)

Main fields of interest: Social & cultural communication



Azad Art and Architecture University of Tehran

Iran Broadcasting University



Brain Boelts Studio, Boulder, 2017

Art Director, Parisa Tashakori Studio, 2008-2016

Art Director, Mideast Solution Web and Interactive Agency, 2007-2008

Art Director, Ce.a Advertising Agency, 2005-2007

Designer and Art Director, Daarvag International Advertising Agency, 2001-2005

Graphic Designer, Vije Advertising Agency, 1997-2001

Freelance Graphic Designer, 1993-1997



Honorary Diploma in the 3rd COW!!! International Design and Illustration Festival, Ukraine, 2007

Third prize in the 10th Ekoplagat’05 International Poster Triennial, Slovakia, 2005

Honorary Diploma in the logotype exhibition of “Tandis” Visual Arts Biweekly, Iran, 2004

Third prize in the 8th Tehran International Poster Biennial, Iran, 2004

Honorary Diploma in the 5th International Ecoposter Triennial of Ukraine, “4th Block”, 2003

Prizewinning in the graphics section of the first exhibition of Material Recycling, Tehran, 2002



Three day workshop entitled “Joy of Design” and lecture in La Paz, Bolivia, 2017

Workshop and lecture on the occasion of International Day of Peace at Oklahoma State University, USA, 2017

Lecture and workshop with the theme of “ALL” based on Persian typefaces in Missouri state university USA 2017

“Beyond Limitation”, lecture in Taiwan Postal Museum, Taipei, 2016

Poland Graphic Design Week in Tehran with the collaboration of Rene Wawrzkiewicz, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts and Lajevardi Foundation, 2016

Social Issues Poster Workshop, Hsing Wu University, Taipei, Taiwan, 2015

“Tehran-Taipei” Collective Poster Exhibition, co-curated with Brad Tzuo, Hsing Wu University, Taipei, Taiwan, 2015

Child Abuse Poster Workshop, UNLA University of Morelia, Mexico, 2014

Creativity in Book Cover Design Workshop, University of Rassam, Karaj, Iran, 2014

Lecture on Iran in Teatro José María Morelos, Morelia, Mexico, 2014

“Vitrine:” A Historical Exhibition of Iranian book cover designs, co-curated with Majid Kashani, Tehran, Iran, 2014

2nd IGDS Museum Exhibition: Selection of old Iranian theatre posters (Director), Tehran, 2013

Battle & Color Poster Workshop, Tehran Municipality, Tehran, Iran, 2012

Graphics with Book Flavor Workshop and Solo Exhibition of book cover designs, Lahijan, Iran 2012

Two workshops of Fallindesign Studio from Russia and Pekka Loiri from Finland (coordinator), Tehran, Iran, 2012

“Divarkoob” Collective Poster Exhibition in five cities, co-curated with Amirhosein Ghoochibeik, 2011

The 5th Generation Collective Poster Exhibition, co-curated with Mehdi Saeedi, 2006

“Ctrl+G” Collective Poster Exhibition, in collaboration with Maryam Enayati, Mehdi Saeedi, Pedram Harbi, & Edik Boghosian, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, 2003

Solo Exhibition and Lecture on Iranian Social Posters in Kharkov University, Ukraine, 2003



Jury member of the international poster biennial of Bolivia, La Paz 2017

Chairman of the jury members of Lahti International Poster Triennial 2017, Finland, 2017

Annual International Contest “Mut zur Wut”, Germany, 2017

Annual Student Show of the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), USA, 2017

“Posterfortomorrow”, Annual International contest, online jury, 2016

Samsun International Poster Competition, Turkey, 2016

The 13th International Poster Biennial in Mexico, 2014

The 2nd and 3rd International Segunda Llamada Poster Contest, Mexico, 2014, 2011

Poster division of the 8th Image of the Year Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2011

The 2nd Annual IGDS Exhibition, Silver Cypress, Tehran, Iran, 2011

A Friend Near Here: Disabled Children’s Greeting Card Competition, Tehran, Iran, 2010

Poster division of the Standard Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2010

Posterfortomorrow, Annual International contest,, Paris, France, 2010

Yazd Province Water & Wastewater Poster Competition, Yazd, Iran, 2010

The 2nd International Anti-AIDS Poster and Animation Competition, Kharkov, Ukraine, 2007

5th Generation Iranian Graphic Designers Poster Exhibition, Tehran, Iran, 2006



“Freedom Manifesto” International Poster Invitational Exhibition (Humanity on the Move) in Rome, Italy, 2017

The 20th Biennial Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition in Fort Collins, USA, 2017

Solo exhibition in “BRICK CITY GALLERY” of Missouri State University, USA, 2017

“Beyond” Invitational Poster Show of the Taiwan Poster Design Association (TPDA),Taipei, 2016

“Women’s Eyes” exhibition, Social design through the looking glass of female designers,Taipei, 2016

“505050” exhibition, on the occasion of 50th Anniversary of International Poster Biennale in Warsaw, Poland, 2016

National Low-carbon Day, International Poster Invitational Exhibition in China, Zhongshan, 2016

Invitational Poster Exhibition of the 25th Anniversary of Poster Biennial of Mexico (BICM), 2016

Invitational Poster Exhibition of the Right to Decide, Institute for the Visual Arts in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, 2015

No Word Posters Book Project (invited by Armando Milani), Italy, 2015

Questioning Bomb Invitational Poster Exhibition, University of Maryland, USA, 2015

The Biennial of Poster Bolivia (BICeBe), 2015, 2013

4th Block Poster Exhibition, Kharkov, Ukraine, 2014, 2006, 2003

Invitational Poster Show of the Sarajevo 100 Project, 2014

The 6th Moscow International Biennial of Graphic Design Golden Bee, Russia, 2014, 2012, 2004

The 12th International Triennial of the Political Poster Show (Le Manege), Belgium, 2012

Divarkoob Poster Exhibition, Tehran, Shiraz, Semnan, Mashhad, Isfahan, 2011, 2010

A Colorful Day Poster Exhibition, Tehran, 2010

The 1st and 2nd Graphic Imperative International Poster Exhibition, Boston, USA, 2010, 2005

Iranian Poster Exhibition in Towson University, Maryland, USA, 2009

The 1st and 3rd International Graphic Biennial of the Islamic World, Iran, 2009, 2004

Good 50x 70, Selected Posters of Social Issues, Milan, 2008, 2007

The 10th International Biennial of the Poster, Mexico, 2008

Image of the Year Selected Posters Exhibition, Iran, from 2004 up to now

Iranian Graphic Designers Biennial, Iran, 2007, 2004, 2002, 2000

The 3rd COW!!! International Design and Illustration Festival, Ukraine, 2007

The 1st International Biennial of Anti-AIDS Posters, Kharkov, Ukraine, 2006

The 10th Ekoplagat’05 International Poster Triennial, Zilinia, Slovakia, 2005

The 15th International Poster Competition of Lahti, Finland, 2005

In Memory of Morteza Momayez Poster Exhibition, Tehran, 2004

Iranian Cries Poster Exhibition, Belgium, 2004

Iranian Poster Exhibition, Russia, 2004

The 15th International Poster Competition, Chaumont, France, 2004

The 19th International Poster Biennial in Warsaw, Poland, 2004

Ctrl+G Poster Exhibition, Iranian Artist’s Forum, Tehran, 2003

Poster Exhibition against Attack to Iraq, Zurich, Swiss, 2003

The Exhibition of Iranian Typography (Bouf-e Kour), Iran, 2003

The 1st Exhibition of Empirical Posters of Graphic Designers, Tehran, Iran, 2002

The 1st Exhibition of Material Recycling, Iran, 2002

The 2nd Student Exhibition, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Iran, 1996



Introductions in international websites, books, and magazine such as Birdy, Neshan, Tandis, Tasvir, Hamshahri Javan, Kak, Varoom, Design 360, 2+3D, Etapes, Adobe Magazine, Arabesque 2, etc.