Poster recipe by Parisa Tashakori | 2020
Workshop and lecture at the University of Alabama | USA 2019
Lecture and workshop at USIL | Peru 2018
Three-day Workshop at the Kharkiv University | Ukraine 2018
Jury member of the 4th Block | Kharkiv 2017
Jury member of the International Poster Biennial of Bolivia | 2017
Workshop in Bolivia | 2017
Interview with La Paz daily newspaper | 2017
Lecture and workshop at Oklahoma State University | USA 2017
Lecture, Solo Exhibition and three-day workshop at Missouri State University | USA 2017
Lahti International Poster Triennial | 2017
Jury member of Mut Zur Wut | Germany 2017
Parisa Tashakori and Steven Randall selected the best of UTEP Student Art Exhibition | USA 2017
Parisa Tashakori’s work in Neshan | 2016
Iran Graphic Designer in Poster Bolivia Biennale Jury | 2016
“Women’s Eyes” Exhibition, Social Design Through the Looking Glass of Female Designers | Taiwan 2016
Lecture at Taiwan Postal Museum | Taipei 2016
Poland Graphic Design Week in Tehran, Coordinated by Parisa Tashakori and Rene Wawrzkiewicz | Iran 2016
Polish Posters on Show in Kermanshah | Iran 2016
Interview with Tehran Times, International daily newspaper |  2016
Ecological posters appeared for the first time in the visual section of the 5th Green Movie Exhibition | 2016
Two Iranians in  “PosterforTomorrow” contest jury | 2016
Tehran-Taipei Exhibition in Hsing Wu University | Taiwan 2015
Workshop and lecture in Hsing Wu University | Taiwan 2015
Lecture and three-day workshop in Morelia | Mexico 2014
Steven Heller’s interview with Parisa Tashakori in Print magazine | 2014
Parisa Tashakori on the jury panel of the Mexico Poster Biennial | 2014
Professional meeting regarding book cover design | Iran 2014
Vitrine Exhibition in Tehran, Coordinated by Parisa Tashakori and Majid Kashani | Iran 2014
Jury member of Segunda llamada for the second time | Mexico 2013
Book cover design workshop in Emad Art House | Iran 2012
Divarkoob poster exhibition tour in five cities in Iran, Coordinated by Parisa Tashakori and Amirhosein Ghoochibeik | Iran 2010
Invited by Luba Lukova for Sparking Change Project | 2010
Two prizes from COW International Design Festival | Ukraine  2007
Jury panel member of Anti AIDS Poster and Animation Competition | Ukraine  2007
Prizewinner of Ekoplagat´05 | Slovakia 2005
The 3rd prize of the 8th Tehran International Poster Biennial | Iran 2004
Honorary Diploma from 4thBlock | Ukraine 2003