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Divarkoob Poster Exhibition Tour in Five Big Cities of Iran | 2010

The title “Divarkoob” is derived from an old name that was used instead of “poster” in Iran in the last century. This name has been selected by the curators  Parisa Tashakori and Amirhosein Ghoochibeik for the exhibition of 98 posters of 51 active Iranian graphic designers.

Divarkoob exhibitions were hold in 5 big cities like Semnan, Shiraz, Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan with some changes in its composition and also some workshops and meeting were other programs beside the events.


Designers of exhibition’s posters for different cities:

Semnan exhibition: Amirhosein Ghoochibeik

Shiraz exhibition: Morteza Mahallati

Vijeh gallery in Tehran: Parisa Tashakori

Isfahan exhibition: Majid Kashani

Mashhad exhibition: Homa Delvaray

Unveiling book in Iran artist forum, Tehran: Behrad Javanbakht


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