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Air pollution prevention campaign | 2002-4

Create a blue sky for our children

Client: Iranian department of environment



The environmental crisis has always been part of Parisa’s daily concerns and inspired her to be involved in environmental movements through expressing her thoughts on social issues. Beginning with her school thesis, She designed many environmental posters and presented them to government ministries in Iran, convincing them to publish them in order to inform the public.

This poster series marks a milestone in Tashakori’s professional life, as it was the most famous of these kinds of projects and received many prizes from different design communities. This series won 4thBlock (the International Triennial of Eco Posters in Ukraine), EKOPLAGAT (the International Triennial of Environmental Posters in Slovakia), and the 8th Tehran International Poster Biennial. All pictures used in this series are original and crafted by hand.


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