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“Women’s Eyes” Exhibition, Social Design Through the Looking Glass of Female Designers | Taiwan 2016

Nine world-renowned female designers from Denmark, Turkey, Mexico, Bolivia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan combined their work in “Women, Design and Society”, a design exhibition hosted by the Graphic Design Association ROC (中華民國美術設計協會), 人文遠雄博物館 Farglory Museums and sponsored in part by World Design Capital Taipei 2016 and the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs. The exhibition promoted the concepts and practices of social design through each designer’s unique viewpoint and professional expertise.

The artists were:

Shigeno Araki (Japan) / Yesim Demir (Turkey) / Gigi Lee (Malaysia) / Gitte Kath (Denmark) / Susana Machicao Pacheco (Bolivia) / Sophia Shih (Taiwan) / Parisa Tashakori (Iran) / Lourdes Zolezzi (Mexico) and Fiona Hou (Taiwan)


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