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Anti Aids posters | 2006-7

Anti Aids Series posters

Client: International poster and competition “Anti -AIDS” in Ukraine



The poster depicts two interacting pins-commonly referred to as safety pins-on a vibrant pink background. But unlike a regular pin, a safety pin is has a simple spring mechanism and a clasp. The clasp serves two purposes: to form a closed loop thereby properly fastening the pin to whatever it is applied to and to cover the end of the pin to protect the user from the sharp point. The image reshapes the simple spring mechanism into a ‘heart shape’ and leaving one of the pins unfastened, and therefore potentially unsafe. The message is a clear interpretation of the ‘safety pin’ as a common household item. The images’ metaphoric significance and usage of the color pink may signal its targeted constituency of females considering marriage in both rural and urban Iranian households. The poster employs a modern western design sensibility to portray a highly sensitive and intimate subject in a society with severe censorship laws.


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